CURETEAM Charities of Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: [Ary you a true Non-Profit]
A: [Puyallup Family Community Christian Center is a Church as such we are non-profit. ]

Q: [Are You Registered with the Washington Charities ]
A: [Yes we are registered with the State of Washington under their Charities Division or Registration # is#30182 . You may find all our corporate info at www.sos.wa.gov ]

Q: [How much of the donations actually go to the charity.]

A: [ The answer is 100 % of all donations minus the PayPal fee goes directly to the charity or fundraiser. We do not collect any administration fees. ]

Q: [ If you do not collect administration fees, who pays for your website and maintnence?]

A: [The Websites and maintnence are paid for by Me and my wife. We believe God provided for us and this is our way of giving back. 0

Q: [ How do I know that all the money I donate is going to the cause?]

A: [If this is a conern then at the end of each fundraiser I will be willing to show the PayPal ledger and the check isued to the charity or family that the money was raised for. This will show that all funds goes directly to the charity or fundraiser less the PayPal fees]